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Gaybingo this weekend!

OK, we’ll admit to a little self-interest here: The Elizabeth Trail’rs, Dallas Voice’s LifeWalk team, is the charitable raffle sponsor at Gaybingo this weekend. That means while you help Resource Center Dallas — and enjoy yourself with a fabulous series of games — you can also help out our team.

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How to get tickets for YFTCC fundraiser

In today’s paper we printed a brief about a fundraiser Youth First Texas Collin County is running to raise money for Crime Stoppers in connection with the murder of Mollie Olgin and shooting of Kristene Chapa. But we forgot to let you know how to get tickets.

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Palomar hires new director of pet relations

The Hotel Palomar has announced another major staffing change. No, Graham Dodd is still the exec chef at Central 214. Nope, the new employe goes by a single name: Higgins, director of pet relations.

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