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BIG Lang theory

K.D. Lang, on her new CD, Lady Gaga and her burgeoning butchness K.D. Lang is manning up, thanks to the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and other sexpots of pop who shoot whipped cream from their chests and ride disco sticks. The...

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Exporting U.S. hate

American evangelicals played a key role in the creation of anti-gay measures in Uganda that remain viable — and very dangerous Phyllis Guest Taking Notes What? Africa does not have enough problems already with the struggles with...

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Taking a stand for freedom

Russian activist hopes U.S. tour will focus attention on gay rights battle in his country, and that international attention will keep LGBTs there safer TAMMYE NASH | Senior Editor nash@dallasvoice.com A tide of revolution is...

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Israel appoints gay activist as labor court judge

(Dori Spivak) דורי ספיבק While Israel’s executive branch has become quite conservative, it’s judicial branch always has been very liberal. This week, LGBT rights activist Dori Spivak was appointed to the national...

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Janssons to speak at Truth Wins Out event

KC, left, and Larry Jansson KC and Larry Jansson, the subject of last week’s Valentine’s article, will speak in Memphis on Feb. 21. That stop is the end of a 12-city tour for Truth Wins Out founder Wayne Besen. The...

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