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Gay divorce case appealed to TX Supreme Court

‘J.B.’ More than two years after he filed an uncontested petition for divorce, attorneys for the gay Dallas resident known as “J.B.” have appealed his case to the Texas Supreme Court. J.B. and his...

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BREAKING: Re-hearing sought in gay divorce

Attorneys for a gay Dallas man who’s seeking a divorce from his husband have filed a motion requesting a re-hearing of the case by the full 5th District Court of Appeals. An all-Republican, three-judge panel of the Dallas...

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Right-wing headline of the day

We swear we don’t make this stuff up, and in this case, we can’t help but wonder whether it was intentional. Below is a screen grab of a report about last week’s gay divorce ruling from the website of the...

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Appeals court says no to gay divorce

A state appeals court in Dallas has ruled that two gay men who were married in Massachusetts cannot obtain a divorce in Texas. The ruling came from the 5th District Court of Appeals on Tuesday in the case, In the Matter of the...

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'That's Gay' takes on gay divorce in Texas

We’re a few days late with this one, but in case you missed it, Bryan Safi and “That’s Gay” took on the topic of same-sex divorce in Texas last week. Safi mentions how Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott...

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