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LGBT issues take center stage in N.H. debates

GOP presidential hopefuls spend whopping 13 minutes discussing gay rights during 2 weekend forums LISA KEEN | Keen News Service There were two debates for the major Republican presidential candidates over the weekend weekend,...

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Candidate attacks gays at gay political forum

LGBT political groups have, through the years, gotten used to having candidates for public office come a’courtin’ for their votes. Usually those candidates’ basic message is, “I support you and I will...

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LGBT history and the evolution of the media

For years, mainstream press ignored the LGBT community. Thankfully, LGBT media filled the gaps Editor’s note: October is National Gay History Month, and as the month begins, Rare Reporter columnist David Webb takes a look at the...

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Rawlins Gilliland debuts new KERA radio column

When he’s not auctioning at Art Con, Gililand speaks his mind on new KERA segment. (from Facebook) We may not enjoy those lengthy membership drives KERA has like every other week (OK, every other month?), but thankfully...

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Hot, hirsute

British rugby star Ben Cohen has become a hero to gays for his message of inclusion to sports fans the world over MARRIED… WITH CHILDREN Cohen exemplifies the straight ally: Comfortable with his gay fans, upfront in his...

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