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REVIEWS: DTC’s “Joseph,” T3’s “Ave. Q”

This Joseph is hodgepodge of styles and themes, from the Keith-Haring-Does-Hieroglyphics set to the multi-cultural cast of brother (including the gayest Asian nomad you’ve ever met). It’s like an episode of Glee without Lea Michele’s pouting.

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Bill White’s big gay breakfast in Austin

Looks like the gays in Austin hosted a breakfast for Bill White, the Democratic candidate for Texas governor, on Wednesday morning. Above is a screen shot of the invitation from White’s campaign website. If you...

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Brittany Novotny fires back at Sally Kern

Brittany Novotny, the transgender candidate who’s challenging anti-gay Republican State Rep. Sally Kern in Oklahoma, has issued a statement responding to an attack last week from a Kern supporter who called Novotny a...

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