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Stonewall Austin names award for Glen Maxey

Stonewall Democrats of Austin is honoring Glen Maxey on Aug. 2 by presenting the first annual Glen Maxey Award to former Austin City Councilman Chris Riley at Maxey’d Out for Chris. The award recognizes a member or an ally of Austin’s LGBTQ community who, through public service, has made significant contributions to the quality of life in Austin.

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Will there be a lawsuit after all?

Well, it appeared that Hood County Clerk Katie Lang was going to be able to avoid a lawsuit when, earlier this week, she changed her mind and said that her office would, indeed, be issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples....

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FEEDBACK: Why treat gossip as news?

Why is the Voice treating gossip as news? Let’s take a page from an eighth-grade government textbook: In the United States of America, our justice system operates on the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Roughly...

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Activist’s exposé on Perry hits the market

Former legislator Glen Maxey says he was motivated to write about governor’s alleged gay affairs by Perry’s hypocrisy; that he has moved to a ‘safe house’ following threats David Webb  |  Contributing Writer...

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A Texas-sized legislative closet

As another legislative session gets under way in Austin, GayPolitics.com reports today that Texas is now one of only 18 states with no openly LGBT state lawmakers. California and Maryland are tied for the most openly LGBT...

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No openly LGBT legislative candidates

Glen Maxey As Monday’s deadline came and went, no known openly LGBT candidates had filed to run for Texas Legislature in 2010. This means that despite electing the nation’s first out big-city mayor, Texas likely will...

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