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Golden opportunity

MENOPAUSE MAYHEM | Men in drag tackle the classic TV character from ‘The Golden Girls’ in a show almost too racy to produce. (Photo by Mike Morgan) Director B.J. Cleveland goes from kids to kink with trashy parody ARNOLD WAYNE...

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Top Republican TV shows are also gay favorites

‘Modern Family’ was No. 3 on the Republicans’ list. A new study of TV viewing habits of Republicans vs. Democrats reveals something not surprising — that the two groups like completely different shows. What is...

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Uptown Players announces its 2011 season

On Tuesday night, Uptown Players hosted a nice turnout at the Kalita Humphreys Theater where they announced the roster for their 2011 season. They held off on announcing one production due to contractual reasons, but if it fits...

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Rue McClanahan dies of massive stroke

Rue McClanahan and me Rue McClanahan died at 1 a.m. Thursday of a massive stroke. She had bypass surgery last fall and was also a breast cancer survivor. The former Golden Girl was in Dallas last September with Del Shores to...

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