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PHOTOS: Response to ‘The Response’ begins

Riki Miller, Zombie McZee and Britney Miranda. The responses to “The Response” are under way in Houston. First out of the gate was Friday night’s LGBT Texans Against Hate Rally.  Despite temperatures that had...

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Texas: A not-so-great state

As Perry eyes the presidency and Dewhurst makes a bid for the Senate, let’s look at the story the numbers really tell Phyllis Guest | Taking Note It seems that while David Dewhurst is running for the U.S. Senate, Rick Perry —...

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About Maine Gov. LePage’s Black “Son”

Over the weekend, newly-elected Tea Party-backed Maine Gov. Paul LePage called the NAACP a “special interest group” and told them to “kiss my butt” when they requested his presence at an event honoring...

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R.I. Bishop Blasts New Gov. on Marriage

The leader of Rhode Island’s Roman Catholics said marriage equality is “morally wrong” and that the newly sworn-in governor and other lawmakers should not be pushing to legalize it in his state. Advocate.com:...

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Iowa Gov. on Judicial Oustings: No Comment

Incoming governor Terry Branstad said he’s “got enough on [his] plate” and won’t worry about state legislators’ efforts to impeach more state supreme court justices for ruling in favor of marriage...

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Gov. Lynch: ‘Change’ NOM can deceive in

New Hampshire’s Gov. Lynch made it clear from beginning to end that he personally favored civil unions over marriage equality. But he also made it clear that he respected the legislative process and his role in governing...

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