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Online hookup terminology decoded

I saw this on Twitter, and I think it will prove very helpful, especially for young guys just entering the gay scene and even older men who feel more comfortable with hanky codes then what’s meant in app-dating profiles. Here is some gay terminology, explained

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“Gayby” screens Tuesday and Wednesday at DIFF

Matt (adorably dorky Matthew Wilkas) and Jenn (Jenn Harris) are a Will-&-Grace-like couple — straight girl, gay guy — who each want something more in life: She wants a baby (but, as a friend notes, is barren), he wants a relationship more meaningful than a Grindr hookup

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Is Rick Perry on Grindr? No, not really

An observant Grindr enthusiast (I’m sure he only reads it for the articles) near the capitol in Austin noticed a familiar face on Grindr and shared this pics with Houstini: Being the red-blooded Texas male that he is our...

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Grindr pays respects to Steve Jobs

No doubt you’ve been either part of the public grieving process for Apple founder Steve Jobs, or have suffered through it. In our little way, we’re going to add to that. Of course, we appreciate that Jobs’...

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In other R.E.M. news, see Michael Stipe naked

Thanks to Stereogum for pointing this out Wednesday, but coming off the heels of R.E.M.’s big announcement, we were also privy to singer Michael Stipe’s semi-big statement of his own. In a Tumblr post from earlier...

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Gay Day at Six Flags today

Cruising the amusement park Is it un-PC to say “scream like a girl?” Because you will as the Mr. Freeze ride drops you faster than your last Grindr hookup. The DV presents Gay Day at Six Flags for Pride weekend. DEETS: Six Flags...

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