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Karger remains in the race but focused on NH

The Iowa caucus is tonight and one name that has been mentioned in very few news reports is openly gay candidate Fred Karger. Karger is mostly sitting out Iowa but has spent more time campaigning in New Hampshire than any other...

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WATCH: Randy Rainbow drunk dials Rick Perry

Randy Rainbow is reliably clever in his newest video wherein he tries to chat up Gov. Rick Perry after a drunkenly good time at . If only Herman Cain would quit interrupting. In short, it’s brilliant — as usual. And if you...

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Republican candidates: Obama’s biggest plus

  David Webb The Rare Reporter One after another, Republican presidential candidates seem determined to self-destruct, which puts the Democratic incumbent ahead of the pack Anyone wanting to see President Barack Obama serve...

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Gay Dems to party during GOP debate

Both Stonewall Democrats of Dallas and Dallas Stonewall Young Democrats plan watch parties for tonight’s GOP presidential debate in Michigan, which begins at 7 p.m. local time. DSYD’s watch party, “Republican...

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Poll shows Perry now trailing Romney

Thanks to his disastrous performance in last week’s debate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has fallen behind Mitt Romney in the latest poll of likely voters in the GOP presidential primary. The Fox News poll released Wednesday...

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