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Jo Hudson invites Robert Jeffress to COH

The Rev. Jo Hudson, senior pastor at the Cathedral of Hope, has written a response to D magazine’s January cover story, How First Baptist’s Robert Jeffress Ordained Himself to Lead America. In the story, writer...

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Final proof of inequities still to fight

Pioneering gay rights activist Frank Kameny died without enough money to pay for his burial Back in the dark ages when I was a teenager, I distinctly remember a conversation my father and mother had after dinner one night. Dad...

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Sally Kern: Gays (and Gaga) are the real haters!

Rep. Sally Kern In case you missed Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern’s appearance on Tim Wildmon’s American Family Radio, she was on promoting her new book, The Stoning of Sally Kern. Wildmon is the president of the...

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AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Homosexuals are Nazis!

Bryan Fischer I want to say thanks to whoever emailed me the YouTube link to the video below, which was posted online by RightWingWatch.org. The video is basically audio of a rant by Bryan Fischer, host of Focal Point on the AFA...

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Satan is on our side

I am on an email list for LGBT journalists/bloggers/PR people, and today someone on that list pointed out a recent conducted by the “Christian” news service OneNewsNow.com. The poll question was: “What’s the...

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Homosexuals on the verge of a nuptial breakdown

And now we’ll hear the calm, measured, respectful thoughts of conservative radio host Jeff Kuhner: The homosexual rights movement is on the verge of destroying marriage. If successful, it will permanently alter society....

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