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Activist’s exposé on Perry hits the market

Former legislator Glen Maxey says he was motivated to write about governor’s alleged gay affairs by Perry’s hypocrisy; that he has moved to a ‘safe house’ following threats David Webb  |  Contributing Writer...

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Starvoice • 11.04.11

By Jack Fertig CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY Heather Matarazzo turns 29 on Thursday. The actress made her name early as Dawn Weiner in the 1995 indie Welcome to the Dollhouse. She went on to star in The Princess Diaries, Scream 3 and, most...

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Is Obama the ‘MLK for the gays’?

As you’ve probably heard, the Justice Department filed another brief in support of the Defense of Marriage Act on Thursday, prompting criticism from gay rights advocates who say the Obama administration should allow the...

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Anyone up for a little hand-to-hand combat?

This is both the “worst trophy ever” and the “best trophy ever” in Huffington Post rankings. According to OutFront Colorado, it also seriously undermines arguments for keeping “don’t ask,...

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