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INDIA: Pepsi’s “Gay” Commercial

In this Pepsi commercial from India, a young woman’s male friend pretends to be the lover of her fiance in order to help her break up her arranged marriage. An Indian filmmaker discusses what the commercial may mean about...

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The month of living romantically

Kevin Richberg turned his quest for a mate into a countrywide husband search ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Life+Style Editor jones@dallasvoice.com RIDE ’EM COWBOY (HUNTER) | Richberg allowed himself the full Texas experience — going...

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Joel Burns is YouTube Gold

Joel Burns Joel Burns hit the top of the YouTube charts with his anti-bullying video and it’s having an impact, as we wrote in this week’s Dallas Voice. On Thursday, the two-week-old “It Gets Better”...

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Gays Banned From NYC India Day Parade

While the LGBT community in India is making historic advances of late, NYC’s gay Indian-American association has apparently been banned from marching in this Sunday’s India Day Parade. Again. Via press release from...

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