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A Del in concert!

(And he won’t cancel!) Shores returns to his native Texas bruised but busy RICH LOPEZ  | Staff Writer lopez@dallasvoice.com Already, 2012 looks to be a busy year for Del Shores. That wasn’t among his New Year’s resolutions, but...

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Senior Class

Cannon Flowers has teamed up with Resource Center Dallas on a project to gauge and meet the needs of LGBT seniors David Webb  |  Contributing Writer davidwaynewebb@yahoo.com It was an irony of life that caused community activist...

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‘Tomorrow’ is today

Producer Frankmusik revitalizes Erasure as the group hits its quarter century ON THE EDGE | Pop gods Andy Bell and Vince Clarke made a name with consumable ’80s dance beats, but their latest album introduces their fans to a new...

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Texas legislator seeks ban on Sharia law

State Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler This just in from the Twitters: Looks like right-wing State Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, has filed a proposed constitutional amendment that would bar state courts from enforcing, considering or...

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Would you trust this man to judge you?

I had to report to jury duty this week. It was looking like they wouldn’t reach my number and I would be dismissed. Instead, my group was selected for a mega-panel that was being considered for a two-week trial. We had to...

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