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WATCH: Gay BYU students say “It Gets Better”

As I’ve mentioned from time to time (but try my best to forget), I lived in Utah for three years just prior to moving to Dallas in early 2006. Two of those years were spent in Logan, a very heavily Mormon area two hours...

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WATCH: Joel Burns 1 year later

Today is the one-year anniversary of gay Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns’ “It Gets Better” speech. It’s also Bullying Awareness Day in the city of Fort Worth. To mark the occasion, below is video of...

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FW to proclaim Bullying Awareness Day

Oct. 12 is the one-year anniversary of openly gay Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns’ legendary “It Gets Better” speech. (In case you’re wondering, as of this posting, the video had 2,664,269 views on...

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More on Out@NBCUniversal

In  last week’s cover story, I talked with members of the Dallas chapter of the affinity group Out@NBCUniversal, a collective of LGBT employees and straight allies. In it, they talk about how the network has been a sort of...

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