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Queer-centric band Eric & the Adams break up

Eric and the Adams performed their final show as a trio last night at The Hunt Club in Tulsa, Okla. where the band is based. The band has played Dallas many times and singer Eric Himan has come to town as a solo act. The last we...

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We look at 2011 resolutions through the eyes (and tweets) of queer celebs We know celebrities are busy, but somehow they are never too busy to pop out a tweet. Whether it’s to promote world peace, equal rights or simply...

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WATCH: Brannan and Himan at The Loft

Last night’s show with Jay Brannan and Eric Himan offered a mix of oil and water. Both armed with acoustic guitars, Himan rocked the venue while Brannan soothed the almost sold-out crowd. With such a spectrum, the ovations...

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Himan to join Brannan for Loft set next month

About a month ago, we blogged that Texas-born Jay Brannan — whom we profiled last year — was coming back to Gilley’s Music Center (The Loft) in December. Well, now we hear who his opening act will be … and it’s...

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Jay Brannan at The Loft last night

A sold out show at The Loft last night proved Jay Brannan has some major drawing power. Save for a Britney concert, it seemed kind of rare in Dallas to see that many gay men (and a healthy smattering of women) convened for a...

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Amazon offers free Jay Brannan song today

The number one song today over at Amazon’s Top MP3 list is Jay Brannan‘s “At First Sight” which you can download for free by clicking on the pic. Although you might know him from his “Star-Spangled...

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