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eXXXotica update

The adult expo eXXXotica sent a letter to Dallas Voice, but it’s addressed to Dallas, so we felt an obligation to post it. They’ve lawyered up and plan to sue the city unless the Kay Bailey Hutchison

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eXXXotica prepares to sue Dallas

Dan Adams, marketing and public relations director for eXXXotica, let Dallas Voice know that the City Council’s action blocking his company’s expo at the Dallas Convention Center wasn’t the last we’ll hear of his company.

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Public Policy Polling: Perry particularly unpopular

If a Public Policy Polling poll is correct, Rick Perry may be in his last term in office. According to PPP, only 29 percent of Texas voters think Perry should run for governor again in 2014 and fewer still — just 19 percent —...

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Senate confirms gay U.S. attorney for W. Texas

The U.S. Senate confirmed Robert Lee Pitman (right), an openly gay man, as U.S. attorney for the Western District of Texas on Monday. Pitman is believed to be the first openly gay U.S. attorney in Texas, but he is not the first...

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