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Kylie Minogue Kills Dogs

When you are a lonely Internet person, sometimes a web forum is the only place you can go to find answers to the universe's mysteries. Like whether playing a certain Kylie Minogue single will cause your neighbor's dog...

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Jake Impersonates Kylie

Jake Shears surprised fellow pop star and close friend Kylie Minogue by coming onstage as an elderly version of the Australian singer. Advocate.com: Daily...

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Watch: Kylie Welcomes You

Kylie Minogue sent along this short clip to us with her video "Get Outta My Way" (which, as you may have seen, we hurried up and posted last week – check it out here). However, there's another use for this...

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Mega Hurts: Brit Synth Duo Confides in Kylie

I'm intrigued in a very 80's way by Hurts, the Manchester synth pop duo of Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson, who were mentioned earlier in this week's music post. Their debut album, Happiness, is out at the...

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