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Rawlings won’t budge on marriage pledge

Dallas mayor says decision not to sign document puts him in position to advocate for LGBT equality among religious conservatives JOHN WRIGHT  |  Senior Editor wright@dallasvoice.com Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said this week that...

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Same-sex marriage returns to political spotlight

Issue could appear on ballot in as many as 6 states this year NEW YORK — Same-sex marriage is back in the political spotlight and likely to remain there through Election Day in November as a half-dozen states face potentially...

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New York recognizes same-sex conjugal visits

This comes under the category of one of those rights you probably didn’t know you didn’t have: New York has changed regulations to allow same-sex conjugal visits. The article caught my eye because of a picture of the...

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10 countries now allow same-sex marriage

Associated Press NEW YORK — A leading rights group says 10 countries have legalized same-sex marriage in the past decade. But Human Rights Watch said in a survey released Monday that bias continues against people who want to...

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Castro sorry for persecution of gays in Cuba

Fidel Castro The latest country to talk about legalizing same-sex marriage will not become the new gay and lesbian travel destination anytime soon. What is the latest country to talk about legalizing same-sex unions? That...

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Gov. Rick Perry links job creation, gay marriage

We’ve commented here repeatedly about how Texas Republicans — and most notably Gov. Rick Perry — have been largely avoiding LGBT issues so far this election cycle. But obviously Perry hasn’t completely forgotten...

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