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REVIEW: ‘The Great Gatsby’

When F. Scott Fitzgerald was writing The Great Gatsby, he wasn’t doing it from memory but from current experience. The novel chronicled the Jazz Age, as well as frenzy of money-grubbing on Wall Street that would unravel...

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Movie Monday: ‘J. Edgar’ in limited release

Secret agent man J. Edgar gets off to a shaky start, but it grows on you. Our first sight of Hoover is of DiCaprio pinched into an overdone old-man latex mask that looks comical, like Lord Voldemort in a Brooks Bros. suit. The...

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Dustin Lance Black, Leo, weigh in on ‘J. Edgar’

You can read my review of J. Edgar here, but check out this interview by Chris Azzopardi with J. Edgar screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and actor Leonardo DiCaprio: No milk for Dustin Lance Black — the 37-year-old filmmaker who...

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Hoover? Damn!

‘J. Edgar’ tries — and almost succeeds — at being ‘Brokeback’ for G-Men ……………….. 3 out of 5 stars J. EDGAR Leo DiCaprio, Armie Hammer, Judi Dench. Rated R. 145 mins.  Now playing in limited...

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