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Bisexuals work for recognition in LGBT rainbow

LISA LEFF | Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO — For the last 13 years, Lindasusan Ulrich has been in a committed relationship with the same woman. The couple have married three times, twice before it was legal in California and...

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What now with Prop 8?

Appeals court has stayed Walker’s ruling, but the case has been fasttracked as appeals over standing, merits work through the system DAVID TAFFET  |  Staff Writer  taffet@dallasvoice.com Chris Stoll The three-judge panel of the...

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Opposition is apoplectic over Prop 8 ruling

U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker Sometimes it’s fun to see what the opposition is saying, especially when they lose. Tim Wildmon is one of the most vociferous anti-gay crusaders in the country as president of the American...

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