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This week’s takeaways: Life+Style

you can still enjoy some cocktail parties — both at the W Hotel. On Friday, Dick’s Night Out arrives at the Ghostbar from 6–10 p.m. with DJ Brandon Moses, pictured, spinning; then on Saturday, Lush Mixer takes place from 7–10 p.m. at Cook Hall, also at the W.

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Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS holds makeup ride, distributes $90K

On Sunday, Oct. 21, Lone Star Ride held a shortened makeup ride and distributed $90,000 to its three beneficiaries at a party at TMC. The original ride, scheduled for Sept. 29–30 was canceled because of two days of heavy rain. Coincidentally, an earthquake registering 3.4 and centered within blocks of the host hotel in Irving occurred that weekend as well.

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PHOTOS: Rain washes out Lone Star Ride; makeup ride planned for Oct. 21

A weekend of bad weather and other natural disasters wiped out this year’s Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS. The epicenter of the 3.4-magnitude earthquake that hit Irving on Saturday night was on MacArthur Boulevard, just blocks from the NYLO Hotel, the host hotel for the Lone Star Ride. Most riders were asleep when the quake hit and did not feel it.

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Fashion’s Night Out at Willow Bend

Not your usual night at the mall Neiman Marcus hosts this year’s Fashion’s Night Out, a swanky event with both men’s and women’s collections, light nibblies and a DJ. The night benefits Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS. DEETS: The...

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BUSINESS: New app offers safety in numbers

RIDE SAFE | Cyclists in the Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS each year peddle through some pretty isolated stretches of road. This year, MobileTREC is equipping each rider with the SafeTREC application and service to give them an...

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LSR Journal: Doubly positive

E-racing Stigma team captain David Hodge, left, and his team members David Hodge, captain of the E-racing Stigma team for Lone Star Ride, says cycling for the cause is in his blood M.M. ADJARIAN | Contributing Writer...

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