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Starvoice • 12.31.10

By Jack Fertig CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY Mel Gibson turns 55 on Monday. After riding years of box office success, karma bit the actor/director in the ass hard. His homophobia and anti-semitism are no secret, but charges of domestic...

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‘Harry Potter’ and the deathly bore

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Now playing in wide release. One star I have struggled for the better part of a decade to make sense of the appeal of the Harry Potter books and movies. Now, as the film series nears its...

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The Rainbow connection

Want viral video that’s gay and funny? Meet web star Randy Rainbow MIKEY ROX  | Contributing Writer mikey@paperroxscissors.com RANDY GUY | Internet comedian Randy Rainbow makes videos about, for instance, his romance with Mel...

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Meth and gay men: Tweaking, no thinking

One man’s story of his journey from HIV-positive drug addict on a downward spiral to HIV education advocate has a lesson for the whole gay community, especially youth Leslie Robinson  General Gayety “In my brief moments of...

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Mama knows best

Vicki Lawrence works to keep Mama up with the times in a new show she brings to Fort Worth RICH LOPEZ  | Staff Writer lopez@dallasvoice.com DON’T TALK BACK | Vicki Lawrence has made Mama into such an icon that now she shares top...

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