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‘Rainbow Lounge’ doc premieres in Fort Worth

For the first half hour of the premiere in Fort Worth of Robert Camina’s documentary Raid of the Rainbow Lounge, the audience sat completely still and silent. Many were in tears as they relived the horror of the raid.

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Kristy McNichol comes out

There must have been something in the craft services table on the set of the ’70s drama Family. First Meredith Baxter, now co-star Kristy McNichol has come out as lesbian. In an interview with People magazine, the...

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OUT & EQUAL: Equal workplace around the world

Among the topics being addressed at today’s Out & Equal Workplace Summit taking place at the Hilton Anatole Hotel is extending LGBT rights to employees around the world. Representatives of the Organization for Refugees,...

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Celeb sightings

This year’s Out & Equal Workplace Summit boasts a healthy amount of celebrities coming to town. From actors to comedians and more, Dallas prepares not only to host a slew of workshops on equality, but also rolls out the red...

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