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Prints charming

‘A-List’ photographer Mike Ruiz stands above reality TV royalty JEF TINGLEY  | Contributing Writer lifestyle@dallasvoice.com Remember on sitcoms when the family pet would die, and the parents would break the news to the kids by...

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Dallas without the Ewings

After months of sniping, ‘A-List: Dallas’ debuts and, surprisingly, entertains STEVEN LINDSEY  | Contributing Writer stevencraiglindsey@me.com Lies, deception, cowboys, swimming pool fights and plenty of rich bitches (male and...

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Pride San Antonio

CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS FROM PRIDE SAN ANTONIO Even though there was a fence around the Pride San Antonio Block Party in Crockett Park on Saturday it could not contain the sheer size of the celebration. The entire Main...

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A fuel-injected ‘Drag Race’

START YOUR ENGINES | Ru says being an ‘introverted extrovert’ is part of the secret weapon to a fabulous career. RuPaul says sleep deprivation may be key to bitchy success as a Racer RELATED STORY: Dallas’ Shangela is 1st...

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‘A-List: New York’ returns in the fall

We already knew Logo was casting for The A-List: Dallas and Los Angeles, but word comes today that A-List: New York will return in the fall as well. Reichen will be back with Rodiney (still his boyfriend — I was at brunch with...

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‘A’ game

Logo tries to beat Bravo at its own reality game with ‘The A-List’ and ‘The Arrangement’ ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Life+Style Editor jones@dallasvoice.com MEN BEHAVINGLY GAILY | Is Reichen Lemkuhl, above left, an ‘A-Lister?’ In...

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