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SEE: Actor Elias Taylorson transforms himself into the Presidential candidates

To create the 2012 Presidential candidates, Taylorson, who is white, employed a variety of techniques.

“For the Barack skin tone, I had that leftover [makeup] from [I show where I played] the Crazy Cajun. Barack’s hair is actually a nylon wig cap that was sprayed. then I cut the band away. I made the ears stick out by using a sponge makeup wedge that I used the same two-sided tape the bunch tightly like a crescent roll the stick behind my ears”

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Karger tops Paul in Puerto Rico primary

Although Mitt Romney won Saturday’s Puerto Rico primary with more than 80 percent of the vote, gay candidate Fred Karger out-polled Ron Paul. Karger received 1.43 percent of the vote. Paul received 1.22 percent of the vote.

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A disgraced Perry returns to Texas

Governor finally bows out of GOP race, but only after making mockery of himself and our state After months of holding their breaths in dread of what Rick Perry might do or say next on the national stage, Texans are now...

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The anti-Romney won’t be anointed in Brenham

UPDATE: In a surprise move, the group meeting in Brehnam has voted to get behind Rick Santorum. Last week we told you how leaders from the religious right planned to gather in Brenham, Texas, this weekend and attempt to unite...

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Kinder, gentler Republicans?

Primary candidates who are the most anti-LGBT didn’t fare well in New Hampshire. Could the GOP voters be moving toward tolerance? David Webb The Rare Reporter The results of the New Hampshire primary must seem like political...

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Perry edges Roemer, Karger in N.H.

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Mitt Romney captured the New Hampshire primary in a snoozefest Tuesday night with 39 percent of the vote, and experts say the former Massachusetts governor is now well on his way to securing...

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LGBT issues take center stage in N.H. debates

GOP presidential hopefuls spend whopping 13 minutes discussing gay rights during 2 weekend forums LISA KEEN | Keen News Service There were two debates for the major Republican presidential candidates over the weekend weekend,...

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Gay GOP leader says he’d vote for Santorum

Schlein’s comments stand in contrast to statements from national LGBT Republican groups JOHN WRIGHT  |  Senior Political Writer wright@dallasvoice.com Local gay Republican leader Rob Schlein ignited controversy in August by...

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Karger remains in the race but focused on NH

The Iowa caucus is tonight and one name that has been mentioned in very few news reports is openly gay candidate Fred Karger. Karger is mostly sitting out Iowa but has spent more time campaigning in New Hampshire than any other...

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