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Morrissey as Superman? We’re so there

With Man of Steel leaping over box office records, I was delighted to stumble upon this big of superhero fanboy art. Someone has taken it upon himself to take post-punk/New Wave icons queer icon Morrissey as Superman

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Morrissey cancels Dallas show due to health issues, will reschedule

Morrissey’s doctors have ordered the 53-year-old singer to rest for two weeks following diagnosis of a bleeding ulcer and esophageal disorder, according to his rep, which all but cancels his planned Texas tour, including his Dallas appearance on the 18th. His tour picks up on the 21th, in Denver.

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Morrissey in concert tonight at McFarlin Auditorium

The man still is a “Work of Art” Even with more than 30 years in the music industry, Morrissey still retains an air of mystery. That’s part of his allure. Sure we’ve discovered tidbits about the former Smiths singer, but his...

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