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Remembering mom

What no one really teaches you, though, is how to write an obit for your own mother. Which is what I had to do last week

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Remembering Jac Alder

I didn’t know Jac Alder as well as many other people. But I knew him well enough: Through his largesse, his artistry, his commitment. He wasn’t a tall man; but he was a giant

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Remembering Brandon James Singleton

I find it almost painful to read Tex’n the City now: He speculates about turning 40 one day, and what his new set of hopes are. Knowing those will never happen is a lot to comprehend and cope with. But I do read them because they also demonstrate what a sad loss the passing of this young, funny, smart, ambitious and friendly man is to all of us

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Memorial set for man found in Turtle Creek

An obituary was posted and memorial service planned for the man found dead in Turtle Creek on Nov. 3. While cause of death was not listed for Robert Letbetter, the obituary notes, “Although his struggles were long and difficult his death came unexpectedly.” Dallas police only said they were waiting for toxicology test results before listing cause of death.

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The Economist’s Obituary of David Kato

The Britsh news magazine, The Economist, devotes an obituary page each week to a significant person. This week, David Kato was featured: In Mr Kato’s mind there were only two ways to deal with being gay in Uganda. The first was...

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