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Perfect match

Bob Nunn and Tom Harrover have been a couple for 4 decades. But it wasn’t until a near tragedy that they realized they were truly meant for each other LIFE GOES ON | Nunn, right, and Harrover stand before a project commissioned...

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Clint McCance Officially Quits School Board

After telling Anderson Cooper he would do it, Arkansas school board member Clint McCance has officially resigned his Midland School District board post. And it didn't even take all queers to kill themselves. Permalink |...

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Steven Slater And JetBlue Officially Part Ways

While it's unclear if he was let go or was fired, what we do know is that Steven Slater's no longer a JetBlue employee. CNN reports: "JetBlue spokeswoman Jenny Dervin told CNN on Saturday that Steven Slater no...

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DOMA and Massachusetts Officially Divorce

ARI EZRA WALDMAN As some of you might remember, as as reported here, a federal district judge in Massachusetts ruled the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional under the 10th Amendment, which protects the prerogatives...

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