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Gay activists get ready for tough sledding at Winter Olympics

U.S. gay rights activists, buoyed by their unprecedented political successes in 2013, are gearing up to make an international statement at the Winter Olympics in Russia – but know that speaking out against new antigay laws there may be more difficult than anything they faced in America, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

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An inspirational moment

Joannie Rochette of Canada tries to fight back the tears as she completes her short program in the 2010 Olympics Who watched Canadian Joannie Rochette skate her short program last night at the Olympics? I did, and I admit, it...

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Not just offensive, but boring to boot

I have always enjoyed watching figure skating (like the Olympics and the world championships type figure skating; not Barney on Ice type figure skating). I used to know a little bit about how they judged the competition, but...

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