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Remembering 9/11

On the morning of Tuesday, Sept, 11, 2001, I was going through my usual “get ready for work”...

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Remembering 9/11 from a first-hand perspective

Paul J. Williams Earlier this week, I wrote this post here on Instant Tea about my personal memories of 9/11. And I had planned to write a second one about Mark Bingham, one of the heroic passengers of United Flight 93, who also...

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Another reason to go to Aspen: Leslie Jordan

Last week, I mentioned that time was running out to get some early-bird deals for Aspen Gay Ski Week, the Who’s-your-granddaddy of gay ski events. Scheduled entertainment included Dallas’ own Paul J. Williams, who...

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Gay getaway: Aspen Gay Ski Week deal

Aspen Gay Ski Week — for those looking for daddies, it’s the granddaddy of gay ski events — doesn’t begin until Jan. 16, but if you know you’re going, you might wanna book now. Until Oct. 15, the price for a...

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Sister Helen Holy on the High Seas

We all know and love Paul J. Williams (and of course, Sister Helen Holy) here in North Texas. This video clip, “RSVP 2010 Caribbean Cruise: Sister Helen Holy’s Bingo (and David’s Banana)” from his cruise...

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More chances to see Paul J. Williams on TV

Dallas comedian Paul J. Williams — currently quizzing audience members as the pronouncer in Theatre Three’s charming production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee — make his Logo debut last weekend with One...

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