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Death • 09.30.11

Wendy Churitch, 55, died suddenly at her home in Irving early Thursday morning, Sept. 29. Churitch was born July 26, 1956, and grew up in Chicago. She moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in 1980. She was known and much...

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Porno Pete Wants Your Tax-Exempt Money

Porno Pete wants to remind you that you only have one day left to donate to his tax-exempt and therefore government-sponsored anti-gay hate organization. Subscribe to Joe.My.God. Joe. My....

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Porno Pete On DADT Repeal

“They will sue to get benefits [and] they will sue to get the same married housing as straight soldiers and so you’re going to have a situation where you find yourself faced with this question of your kids being...

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Porno Pete Vs. Glenn Beck

“Looks like Glenn Beck could have benefited from attending the AFTAH Truth Academy I Hate Faggots Academy [order DVDs or CDs of the Academy HERE; order online through AFTAH’s donate page]. Beck is a doing incredibly...

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