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AUDIO: Kluwe’s marriage equality PSA

Chris Kluwe, the one straight athlete every gay person should know, recorded a promo for marriage equality in his home state of Minnesota, where he plays for the Vikings. Gay.net has the audio. Listen here.

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Ryan Gosling has discovered a cool little niche for himself recently: He gives equal time to parading around shirtless showing off his abs on magazine covers and in digestible Hollywood pabulum (Crazy Stupid Love, The Notebook)...

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Movie Monday: ‘All Good Things’ in the Angelika

Murder in Texas? Quick, name the artsy Ryan Gosling movie out now about a troubled man and his complex sexual relationship with a blonde — and they have sex in a shower. Yeah, maybe you said Blue Valentine, but you could have...

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SCREEN REVIEW: ‘All Good Things’

DISAPPEARING ACTS | Katie (Kirsten Dunst) has a troubled relationship with David (Ryan Gosling) until both eventually disappear — she goes missing, and he begins living as a woman in Texas. Murder in Texas? … or maybe New...

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Movie review: ‘Blue Valentine’

Although Blue Valentine is about the disintegration of a straight couple’s marriage, the themes, scenes and emotions it deals with could be out of any relationship: The awkward silences, the cold touches, the largely...

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