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Alabama GOP chair thinks God is really pissed

“The State of Alabama and the United States of America will reap God’s wrath if we embrace and condone things that are abhorrent to God, such as redefining marriage as anything other than a union between one man and one woman,” Alabama Republican chair Bill Armistead wrote this week.

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Is marriage equality coming to Mississippi?

The opinion page in one newspaper called February the gayest month in history. Its writer, Patrick Young, a graduate student in public policy and administration, said it best: “Whitney, a Madonna Superbowl, Mardi Gras, the return of “American Idol” and “The Voice.” Don’t forget the addition of another musical TV show, “Smash.” The Oscars, Grammys and about 2,304 other award shows made it to the airwaves.

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A decade of remembrance

RIDERLESS CARRIAGE | Ten years after 9/11, the American landscape looks far different — for gay rights as well. What a difference a decade makes. In September of 2001, days after the loss of lives on 9/11 scarred America, the...

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Military gay couples won’t enjoy benefits

Even after DADT repeal is complete, DOMA will create discrepancy JULIE WATSON  |  Associated Press SAN DIEGO — Gay service members from Army soldiers to Air Force officers are planning to celebrate the official end of the...

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