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Goodbye LCR; hello again Metroplex Repubs

Gay GOP group’s officers offer a reasoned response to the breakup with Log Cabin Republicans and the myths surrounding it There are times in life when we must evaluate our relationships with others to determine mutual benefit....

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Why I will vote Republican in 2012

If LGBTs really want to win equality, we must back the candidates that will help our pocketbooks, even if they take anti-LGBT positions Robert Schlein Special Contributor I always give a five-minute speech at our monthly Log...

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A good sign for Texas’ LGBT community

Joe Straus’ re-election as speaker of the House proves that social conservatives no longer can control the Republican political agenda ROB SCHLEIN  |  Special Contributor Unless you’re “wired in” to the inside baseball of...

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Texas senators go quiet on DADT repeal

Dallas Log Cabin Republicans President Rob Schlein, left, and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Dave Guy-Gainer, a local board member for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, reported Monday night: “Well I tried again to meet...

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Dallas County ballots include 3 gay candidates

Log Cabin president says election offers LGBT voters several viable Republican candidates to back DAVID TAFFET  |  Staff Writer taffet@dallasvoice.com The ballot for this year’s election is long — nine pages in some parts of...

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