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Dynamic duo

New partners Curtis Cook and Shane Friesenhahn shake their booty … camp There’s the nursery rhyme that begins, “Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean… .” But apparently if Jack Sprat were in a same-sex...

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PETA Ads “Too Sexy” For NYC Airports

The company that handles advertising at JFK and LGA has rejected the new PETA campaign. PETA tells Gothamist it’s because their images are too sexy. The ad, which PETA had hoped to display near the full-body scanners that...

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Top Ten Cities For Sexy Time

Another day, another meaningless list to chew on. Men’s Health has ranked 100 U.S. cities for a list called “Hotbeds Of Sex.” Cities were ranked based on “condom sales, birthrates, sex toy sales and rates...

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