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Forgotten heroes?

A look at the history of Lawrence v. Texas shows why the two men who fought the sodomy law, both now deceased, deserve our respect Former Houston residents John Lawrence and Tyron Garner, both now deceased, couldn’t possibly...

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Texas House committees and pro-LGBT bills

DANIEL WILLIAMS  |  Legislative Queery Texas House Speaker Joe Straus has finally announced the committee assignments for the 82nd Texas House. As I predicted last month the partisan breakdown of the committee chairs roughly...

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Can Razzle Dazzle be revived?

Group of business owners, nonprofit reps call for meeting to set up board, discuss options for reinstating Dallas’ June Pride event Tammye Nash  |  Senior Editor nash@dallasvoice.com Scott Whittall More than 25 years ago,...

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Judge Jerry Buchmeyer has died

I don’t have any details, but Rebecca Covell just sent an e-mail telling me that Judge Jerry Buchmeyer has died. For this who don’t know, Judge Buchmeyer, back in the 1980s, was the judge who first ruled that Texas...

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