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Of Madonna and Big Tex

Oct. 19, 2012, may we be considered Dallas’ Black Friday — or at least, Blackened Friday. First Big Tex caught fire and burned up faster than a joint in Snoop Dogg’s trailer. Then hours later Madonna canceled the first of her two concerts

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Gays of the Midway: A 9-foot-tall flamingo — and other stiltwalkers

By day, Shawn Brown is a giant living tree in the Greenhouse on the Midway. At night, he becomes a nine-foot pink flamingo in the State Fair parade.

Brown is just one of four gay stilt walkers that participates in the nightly parade at the fair. He’s the flamingo. His friend Joe is an octopus. Each has his own character.

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State Fair of Texas closes today

So long, Big Tex Today is your last day to get in that Fletcher’s corny dog, ride the Texas Star or see the pig races. The time has come and today the State Fair closes taking a little piece of heart with it. Of course,...

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‘West Side Story’ today at Music Hall

A boy like that (or a few boys, rather) The new production of West Side Story, at the State Fair courtesy of Dallas Summer Musicals, was re-imagined by the show’s original writer, Arthur Laurents, with the addition of Spanish...

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Gay Day at State Fair disputed

On Thursday we reported that Saturday, Oct. 8, appeared to be this year’s unofficial “Gay Day” at the Texas State Fair, based on a Facebook page which now has more than 200 confirmed attendees. Not so, says one...

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State Fair of Texas opens today

You had us at ‘howdy,’ Big Tex When the Food Choice Awards rolled out fried bubblegum as the Most Creative winner, we weren’t immediately on board. Yes, we know it’s a marshmallow that tastes like gum, but do we get to stick it...

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Hey, hey, hey, Paula

IN FOR A PAULA, IN FOR A POUNDSTONE | The queermedian plays the Majestic Theater Friday, Feb. 25. After 30 years, comedian Paula Poundstone still keeps ’em rolling in the aisles ARNOLD WAYNE JONES | Life+Style Editor...

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