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Gary Floyd, then and now

Gary Lynn Floyd killed a few birds with one stone last night. First, he helped celebrate the Interfaith Peace Chapel’s one-year anniversary. Second, he shot footage for his upcoming reality series slot on Troubadour, TX....

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Tony Award wrap-up: Totally gay (again)

It was an untenable situation for the gay Dallasite: Watch the Tony Awards or game 6 of the Mavs? Thank god I had two DVRs. Best of both worlds. Of course, the Tony Awards are always the gayest of award shows, and they did...

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DADT and the making of Stone Soup

The passage of the DADT compromise a week ago had a lot in common with the making of Stone Soup. You remember Stone Soup. The delicious soup that can be made from a single simple stone and some hot water. (And it tastes even...

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