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NY gay bar closed by health department

New York’s oldest (sort of) gay bar — Julius — was closed by the board of health this week. Julius is located one block up and one block over from the Stonewall Inn. The bar opened in 1867. Not until 1966 was it officially a gay...

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Scenes from the Stonewall Inn — THIS June

This week 42 years ago, the Stonewall Inn was the crucible where the gay rights movement was ignited. But on Friday night — just before New York City Pride — it was a very different but raucous scene. Ray Robert Lee, who lives...

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Before we was fab

  40 YEARS OF GAY | ‘Stonewall Uprising,’ above, tracks the gay rights movement; ‘American Family,’ below, revisits the original reality TV series. PBS gets its gay on (retro-style), revisiting Stonewall and the Louds...

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2 arrested in anti-gay beating at famed gay bar

JENNIFER PELTZ | Associated Press
NEW YORK — A patron at the Stonewall Inn, a powerful symbol of the gay rights movement since protests over a 1969 police raid there, was tackled to the floor and beaten in an anti-gay bias attack over the weekend, authorities said Monday, Oct. 4.

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