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Who owns Gay Pride?

Can one company own “NYC Pride”? Don’t we all kind of own it, as the Stonewall Riots were in New York and spawn the modern gay rights movement?

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Anable applying for top spot at HRC

Fairness Fort Worth president knows he is new to the activism game, but says there is no denying his passion for the work Tammye Nash  |  Senior Editor nash@dallasvoice.com FORT WORTH  — As 2010 came to an end a year ago,...

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Fops & freaks

‘The Temperamentals’ makes Hay of gay Pride; ‘Earnest’ errs with irony ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Life+Style Editor jones@dallasvoice.com “Temperamental” was a code name in the 1940s and ‘50s for a gay man, like “friend of Dorothy”...

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Friends of Dorothy

EASE ON DOWN | The Tin Man (Sydney James Harcourt, above left) steals the show in ‘The Wiz’ at DTC, while over at Fair Park, Megan Sikora, right, gives ‘Guys & Dolls’ its jolt. If only DTC’s ‘Wiz’ had a heart. And I got yer...

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Doing things the Fort Worth way

THE DIFFERENCE 18 MONTHS CAN MAKE | Fairness Fort Worth President Tom Anable says that with the initial issues of the Rainbow Lounge raid addressed, FFW can move forward toward its goal of being an LGBT clearinghouse that works...

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Honoring our saints on All Hallows Eve

People like Bill Nelson, John Thomas, Bill Hunt and others are no longer with us now, and although we have a long way to go to gain full equality, it was their courage and daring that won the freedoms we already have today...

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