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We Were Here, AIDS documentary at 14 Pews

We Were Here, the award winning documentary of the early days of the AIDS crisis, premiers at 14 Pews theater (800 Aurora) Saturday, November 20, at 4:30 pm. The film, from director David Weissman, will be proceeded by a panel...

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‘Camp Death’ tonight at Pocket Sandwich

Keep that Halloween feeling Pocket Sandwich Theatre keeps the frights going along with the laughs in their latest popcorn-tossing show Camp Death. No block parties to struggle through this time. Just sit back and enjoy as Pocket...

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Obama: ‘I struggle’ with gay marriage

I can’t help but feel that President Obama is hedging for political reasons, rather than personal or religious reasons. Otherwise he wouldn’t have endorsed gay marriage in 1996, and he did. Now he supposedly...

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Wheeler to annoy Tyler again — and we like it

What with the recent ado in Tyler regarding the TV station that asked viewers whether homosexuality will be the downfall of America, we were thinking about our friend Trinity Wheeler. Trinity is the former Tyler resident who...

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LSR Journal: Because I learned what’s important

Eddie Munoz  Team Dallas Voice Eddie Munoz This year marks the first year I’m officially involved with the Lone Star Ride. I’ll be honest: Initially, I wanted a reason to be obliged to stay fit during the dog days of summer, not...

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