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WATCH: BearDance video spoofs Super Bowl ad

The call went out on social media last week: Bears were invited to show up in the gayborhood to film a video. Shorts and athletic shoes — no shirts — were all that was required. What was it for? Well, now we know

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In time for TBRU, a fun, true story

Iris McCallister, the wife of FT33 chef Matt McCallister, is a frequent LIKEr of my Facebook posts, and vice versa. A few weeks ago, Iris posted something like this on her Facebook page: “Just came from a beer tasting and never have I seen so many bearded men in flannel!” Being the jokester I am, I said, “You should attend TBRU!”

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TBRU sells out host hotel in 2 hours

Registration for Texas Bear Round Up is off to a fast start. TBRU 18 takes place March 14-17. As of 11 p.m. last night, only four rooms were left for Thursday through Saturday at the The Crowne Plaza, the host hotel. just two hours after registration began. The hotel is now sold out. Last year, TBRU took 36 hours to sell as many rooms.

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TBRU unveils new logo

Texas Bear Round Up isn’t for another six months, but you can already get a peek at its new logo. TBRU 18: Casino Bear Royale

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WATCH: Bearweek 2012

TBRU videographer Hector Marcus Juarez continues to focus his camera eye on the fur with his latest vid documenting Bearweek in Provincetown.

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