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Kinder, gentler Republicans?

Primary candidates who are the most anti-LGBT didn’t fare well in New Hampshire. Could the GOP voters be moving toward tolerance? David Webb The Rare Reporter The results of the New Hampshire primary must seem like political...

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Perry edges Roemer, Karger in N.H.

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Mitt Romney captured the New Hampshire primary in a snoozefest Tuesday night with 39 percent of the vote, and experts say the former Massachusetts governor is now well on his way to securing...

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Gay GOP leader says he’d vote for Santorum

Schlein’s comments stand in contrast to statements from national LGBT Republican groups JOHN WRIGHT  |  Senior Political Writer wright@dallasvoice.com Local gay Republican leader Rob Schlein ignited controversy in August by...

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And they’re off!

The horse race for the Republican presidential nomination is officially under way with the Iowa caucuses. Who will pull up lame, and who will win it down the home stretch? Watching the press coverage of the Jan. 3 Iowa Caucus...

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WATCH: Rick Perry’s anti-gay Iowa TV ad

The image above may look like a scene right out of Brokeback Mountain, but it’s not. It’s from Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s new anti-gay ad that’s airing in Iowa. “I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a...

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