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Spend Thanksgiving with Lady Gaga

Ga ga gobble gobble After the traditional turkey and pumpkin pie have been gobbled up, the next tradition is to plop in front of the TV for the rest of the day. For music fans and little monsters, ABC will air A Very Gaga...

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Thanksgiving weekend at Cedar Creek Lake

I know there are a lot of LGBT folks in the Metroplex who have weekend/vacation homes down south on Cedar Creek Lake, and I am sure there are others who plan on spending their long holiday weekend in that area with friends and...

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LISTEN: Soundclips from Lady Gaga’s holiday EP

If you haven’t decided yet on purchasing Lady Gaga’s A Very Gaga Holiday EP, why not take a quick preview here. She released four tracks yesterday which perfectly coincides with Thursday’s airing of A Very Gaga...

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Thanksgiving Dinner at JR’s Bar and Grill

Thanksgiving can be a rough time for a lot of people. So many of us in the LGBT community have a less than stellar relationship with our families and for many people it’s just not economically feasible to travel for the...

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