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WATCH: Mary Gonzalez on MSNBC

Two days after she appeared on the front page of the El Paso Times, rising political star Mary Gonzalez, who is set to become Texas’ only openly LGBT state legislator in January, appeared on MSNBC on Wednesday, where she...

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WATCH: Burke Burnett on MSNBC

Burke Burnett, the gay man who was brutally beaten in an apparent hate crime in Reno, Texas, eight days ago, made his first appearance on national TV this morning, when he was interviewed by MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts. Watch...

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High court may issue 1st Prop 8 ruling this week

U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker The Prop 8 case may be going to the Supreme Court sooner than expected — sometime this week. Not the entire case. Just the motion to extend District Judge Vaughn Walker’s stay. If the 9th...

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