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Luna launches Kickstarter campaign “For Jesus”

The premise is silly fun: It’s the zombie apocalypse, and the only survivors are the gays and the bible thumpers. If politics makes strange bedfellows, then an army of undead makes for unlikely allies, as the gospelers join the gossippers to battle the brain-eating hoard

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My life with a Drag Racer: Willam Belli

I didn’t get a preview screener of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 4, which premiered last night on Logo… probably because last year, they were pissed that I spilled the beans a few days early that Dallas’...

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Queer locals of 2010

Twelve months isn’t all that long a time, but the impact someone can make on an entire year during any part of it can reverberate well beyond the calendar year. When we thought back on the culture in 2010, these are the 10 men...

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Best bets • 10.01.10

Friday 10.01 Shakira They are still pretty ticked off Just when you thought you were out, Israel Luna pulls you back in. The local filmmaker screens his controversial Ticked Off Trannies With Knives for two midnight showings. If...

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Making use of a chance to educate

Instead of working to block controversial film, TENT wants to put transgender issues on the front burner at Austin film fest by sponsoring discussion of movie Recently, Transgender Education Network of Texas has made a very...

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