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WATCH: Samwell’s ‘Just Be Free’

Remember Samwell? He’s the musician who had an unlikely cult viral video with the song “What What (In the Butt)” three years ago. Well, he’s back, with more out-and-proud fun, plus cross-dressing — and, honestly, a lot more musicality (and better a lyric, though that’s not hard to imagine). It’s got some cred as a dance track, and it’s brand new — and more or less safe for work. Take a look and listen here.

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The Rainbow connection

Want viral video that’s gay and funny? Meet web star Randy Rainbow MIKEY ROX  | Contributing Writer mikey@paperroxscissors.com RANDY GUY | Internet comedian Randy Rainbow makes videos about, for instance, his romance with Mel...

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Sticky sweet

Cheeky raps and beefcake videos? Yes. But Cazwell is serious about his music … even if he is a club diva RICH LOPEZ  | Staff Writer lopez@dallasvoice.com HIS ‘ICE CREAM’ BRINGS THE BOYS TO THE YARD | Damn right! Cazwell,...

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