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What’s Shakin’ – Election Day

1. It’s election day in Houston! The Mayor, Comptroller, City Council and three Houston Independent School Board Trustee seats are up for grabs. Decisions made today will affect policy-making decisions on LGBT issues for...

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REVIEWS: What to see at FIT

The Festival of Independent Theatres got off to an auspicious start last weekend (see below), and continues for a few more. Tonight, Lanford Wilson’s The Madness of Lady Bright, pictured — sometimes called the first major...

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo on the Strip

Fiesta on the street Sure Cindo de Mayo has turned into a drinking-based American celebration, but we’re gonna drop some history here on you.From the completely reliable source of Wikipedia, May 5 is the “date...

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What’s next in gay rights?

From Sam Stein at Huff Post: The long-awaited repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy marked a modern day civil rights milestone. But while activists and like-minded pols at first celebrated an...

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So DADT’s Unconstitutional. What’s Next?

Note: Cross-posted on Bilerico. Yesterday a ruling was finally issued on the years-old LCR v. USA case declaring DADT to be unconstitutional and placing an injunction on discharges.  I still remember the day – after a...

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What’s Ricky Martin Doing On The Race Track?

OH SNAP — Victor Gonzalez Jr. stands next to his No. 5 car, sponsored by the Ricky Martin Foundation. The NASCAR driver is plenty proud to be underwritten by the gay singer's social justice non-profit. [Q4G] Permalink | 1...

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