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STAGE REVIEW: ‘The King & I’

Rodgers & Hammerstein were pioneers when it came to combining social issue theater and spritely musical riffs — humming about racial equality and women’s rights? That was a thing in the 1950s? It was

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REVIEW: ‘Once,’ the haunting anti-musical

The songs in Once — both the stage show and the film — are among the most impassioned and haunting acoustic ballads ever composed (one, “Falling Slowly,” won the best song Oscar), and they chill me each time I hear them.

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REVIEW: Joan Rivers at the Winspear

Although she’s not technically famous as an insult comic (a term reserved mostly for Don Rickles, Jeff Ross and Lisa Lampanelli), her best bits involve attacking celebrities “including the adorable little lesbian — what’s her name? — Justin Bieber.”

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